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A Song For the Road by Kathleen Basi. Miriam, still lost in grief over the deaths of her husband and teenage children, sets off to complete the road trip her twins had planned for her with the help of a vibrant young hitchhiker she picks up along the way.

Dead By Dawn by Paul Doiron. After being driven off a winter road and escaping an icy river, game warden Mike Bowditch finds himself in the middle of nowhere, pursued by determined killers. They must be connected to the suspicious drowning Mike is investigating, but how?

Fiction Books:

Robert Ludlum’s: The Treadstone Exile by Joshua Hood. Former Treadstone assassin Adam Hayes is in the West African Nation of Burkina Faso, trying to leave his CIA days behind him for good: he fails. Now he’s up against multiple violent factions while trying to rescue a kidnapped woman and prevent the theft of millions of dollars in relief money from one of Africa’s poorest nations.

Haunted Hibiscus by Laura Childs. As Halloween creeps near Theodosia Browning (teashop owner and amateur detective) finds the fun scare of a haunted house turn chillingly real in this latest installment in the cozy Tea Shop Mystery series.

Graphic Novels:

River of Ink by Etienne Appert. Framed as an artist’s response to a child’s question, this graphic novel is an exploration of the history and philosophy of drawing.

Fell’s Five by John Rogers. Fell’s Five is a fun fantasy in the Dungeons and Dragons universe about a group of adventurers who are forever getting themselves into trouble and mayhem.


by Justine Splane

Digital and Information Services Librarian

October 2021



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