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Enjoying the gardening season

Now is the year to garden! If you plan to spend the long summer evenings at home planning, planting, weeding, growing, enjoying your garden the Bracebridge Public Library can help. Whether you are a novice at gardening or a “seasoned” gardener, Bracebridge Public Library has many books to interest you.

If you struggle with a garden that is dry in the summer and soggy in the winter look no farther than Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates: Plants for a Lush, Water-Conscious Landscapes by Nora Harlow and Saxon Holt. Learning about different plants and garden designs will help you to create a thriving garden.

Another book that will help you create a thriving garden is Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-Resistant, Pest-Free Vegetable Garden by Niki Jabbour. It covers every aspect of using protective structures to grow vegetables from how to select the best structure for your situation to how to properly irrigate and prevent overheating.

If you want to break traditional gardening rules Fearless Gardening: Be Bold, Break the Rules, and Grow What You Love by Loree Bohl will teach you how to create gardens full of unconventional plants.

If you’ve ever thought it would be nice to see birds in your garden, check out How to Attract Birds to Your Garden: Foods They Like, Plants They Love, Shelter They Need by Dan Rouse and make your garden into a sanctuary you and the birds will love!

Get out and garden this summer with these and other books from the Bracebridge Public Library.



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