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This may indeed become known in the future as the age of self-help. Everyone seems to be striving to improve themselves in some way whether it is to worry less, overcome anxiety, learn patience, practise mindfulness, find an inner calm, manage anger or balance life and work. Fortunately, the Bracebridge Public Library is a wonderful resource for anyone looking for books and guidance on their journey to a better self. In the non-fiction shelves upstairs, the 158 section is the place to go.

On the New Book Shelf this week is Best Self: be you, only better, by life coach Mike Bayer, familiar to viewers of the Dr. Phil show on TV. Full of quizzes and questionnaires, this book aims to guide you through the changes you need to make in your life, whether social, personal, health, spiritual, educational, or in relationships and employment.

In the book No Hard Feelings: the secret power of embracing emotions at work, authors Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy guide readers through coping with the uncomfortable moments at work that many of us experience: jealousy, insecurity, frustration and even anger. Rather than bottle up our emotions or, on the other extreme, let our emotions run wild, we can express our feelings in a productive way, thus becoming better employees and colleagues.

According to Oprah Winfrey, everyone has a purpose and your job in life is to figure that out and then serve that purpose. Her latest book, The Path Made Clear: discovering your life’s direction and purpose, shares her view of how to create not just a life of success but one of significance. As she says in her introduction, “…the journey to lasting change begins with defining what matters most to you. All of us have a limited number of years here on earth. What do you want to do with yours?”

If you are feeling too stressed by all the pressure to improve, you might enjoy the book Love For Imperfect Things: how to accept yourself in a world striving for perfection by Zen Buddhist teacher, Haemin Sunim. He argues that only by accepting yourself and the flaws that make you who you are, can you have compassionate and fulfilling relationships. With short chapters, sage advice and charming illustrations, this book will be a balm to sore spirits.

Whether it is acceptance or change you are after, you will find much to help you on your journey at the Bracebridge Public Library.

August 7, 2019

By Ruth Holtz

Digital and Information Services Librarian

Bracebridge Public Library



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