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summer 2020 - virtual programs!

This summer all the children's programs will be offered virtually! There will be Storytimes, Fun Facts about Animals, the TD Summer Reading program and READOPOLY!!

TD Summer Reading Program

This excellent annual program has gone virtual! Register online at TD Summer Reading Club. Registation is free! Create an online notebook to track reading. Access activities, trivia, jokes, book suggestions & more.

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Readopoly - Game on!

Everything is a little different this summer and the Library board game Readopoly will be too. Each Monday and Thursdays, Readopoly will offered through online videos. The Library will post a video of Ashleigh rolling the dice and moving around the board. Different challenges, activities and crafts will be presented. Prizes and incentives too. Each Readopoly video will be posted here!

Readopoly How To and Readopoly - the First Roll!

Roll #2 - July 13

Roll #3 - July 16

Roll #4 - July 20

Roll #5 - July 23

Roll #6 - July 27

Roll #7 - July 30

Simple Crafts (with things around the house!)

Little chicken craft

Fun Facts about Animals

10 Fun Facts - Raccoons

10 Fun Facts - Bats

Ashleigh the Scientist presents...

Balloon Science- Repulsive Balloon Science

Balloon Science- Way Cool Water Balloon

Balloon Science- Stick It To Them

Programs & Activities

Preschool Programs

  • Intended to encourage and develop a love of reading

Preschool Resources

  • Board books for babies and toddlers
  • Up-to-date parenting books
  • Great selection of picture books
  • Videos, DVDs and Music

Little ones -

  • Sing, clap, bounce, tickle, laugh and read together with your baby!
  • Newborns to 18 months. Drop in program.
  • music & rhythm -

    • Let’s have fun and make some noise singing songs and playing a variety of musical instruments.
    • Ages 2 to 5 years. Drop in program.

    family storytime -

    • Children with parents or grandparents welcome to come sing, dance, play and listen to stories.
    • Ages 3 to 5 years.. Drop in program.

    Toddler thursdays -

    • We invite you to bring in your busy toddlers to join in songs, finger plays and musical instruments.
    • Ages 13 months to under 3 years. Drop in program.

    Little van gogh go's -

    • During this 6-week program, you and your child will explore a variety of music, movement and making some messy artwork! Program starts January 10.
    • Ages 3 to 5 years. Registration required.
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Programs & Activities - ELEMENTARY

Programs for kids

  • Intended to develop the habit of reading for a lifetime

Resources for kids

  • Chapter books for all levels of reading
  • Easy read books to encourage new young readers
  • Non-fiction books for leisure reading and school research
  • Comprehensive juvenile reference books
  • Electronic resources and online databases
  • Videos, DVDs, audiobooks, Playaways and Playaway Views
  • Public computer with access to the Internet (parental permission required)

diy kids -

  • Are you looking to use your creative side? Join us each week to create your own works of art using the variety of materials we supply.
  • Ages 6-12. Drop in program.
  • gamers gatherings -

  • Do you like playing video games, but would like to play with others? Join us each week to play E rated games for the Wii or PS4. If there is a large attendance, please be prepared to take turns.
  • Ages 6-12. Drop in program.
  • twisted thursdays -

    • Join us to find what crazy thing we are up to this week, like wacky science experiments, using cool tech or just doing something messy!
    • Ages 6-12. Drop in program.


    • Library version of the popular board game Monopoly offered during summer months
    • Self-paced game that encourages children to read books on a wide variety of subjects