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Richly supported by photographs and illustrations, J. Patrick Boyer’s 384 page book describes the evolution of one of the several thousand public libraries given to towns around the world by American industrialist Andrew Carnegie a century ago. Boyer himself adds that many of the colourful episodes he uncovered during his research “could only have happened in Bracebridge,” and that there is “enough material here to support a feature movie or a good novel."

Canada’s former Governor General Adrienne Clarkson calls Local Local Library, Global Passport  “a fine and engaging book about the importance of libraries.”

Patrick Boyer's Local Libary, Global Passport

About the Library

Robert  J. Boyer Reading Room

Library service at the Bracebridge Public Library began in 1908 when the original Carnegie building was constructed. The 3,500 sq. foot Muskoka stone structure was expanded to 8,700 sq. feet in 1984 with an addition that maintained the heritage character of the building while allowing for improved service and collection space.

In 1998, Bracebridge Public Library was contracted to operate a library at the Beaver Creek Medium Security Institution (formerly Fenbrook) to serves the reading and information needs of the inmates and staff, mirroring community library services and standards. After nearly 20 years, the contract ended in March 2016, although a library room operated by Corrections Services Canada remains at the institution.

A year-long celebration marked the Library’s Centennial in 2008 with various events including a Birthday Bash in Memorial Park.

As part if the celebrations, the Library Board commissioned Patrick Boyer to write a history of the Library. The resulting book, Local Library, Global Passport vividly portrays the library’s history in the context of the town’s development. This book is available to borrow from the Library’s collection or for sale at the Library circulation desk for $15.

Library Board

  • Evelyn Brown
  • Rick Hallam
  • Barb Hutchinson - Chair
  • Carol Anne Robinson
  • Nathaniel Smart
  • Tatiana Sutherland
  • Margaret Walton
  • Chris Wilson - Council rep
  • Joanne Wolochatiuk

Library Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the each month. They are currently held electronically, due to the pandemic. Members of the public are invited to view the proceedings by emailing Crystal.Bergstrome@bracebridgelibrary.ca. The link for the meeting will be sent out the day of the meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted 48 hours prior to the meeting.


Bracebridge Public Library Annual Report 2020

Past Annual Reports & Library Board Minutes may be requested at the library.