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If you usually wander through the fiction shelves or always go to your favourite authors, you might be surprised to see what else the Library has to offer.

How Not to Kill your Houseplant: survival tips for the horticulturally challenged by Veronica Peerless is a beautifully illustrated guide to the care of all sorts of houseplants. In addition, there is advice on how to purchase, when and how to repot, and how to deal with pests.

Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide by Patrice Banks is also full of illustrations and drawings and would appeal to not only girls but every first-time vehicle owner. Everything you ever needed to know about an automobile is covered here along with proper maintenance to ensure your vehicle lasts.

Does your cat have mojo? Total cat mojo: the ultimate guide to life with your cat by Jackson Galaxy, of Animal Planet fame, addresses the physical and emotional needs of cats. Galaxy advises readers to help their cats “harness their mojo” or the confidence they feel when comfortable with their environment and in touch with their natural instincts.

Are you considering getting a tattoo but don’t know what it should look like? The Tattoo Dictionary by Trent Aitken-Smith is the A-Z guide to choosing the perfect tattoo for you.

Will you be camping this summer? Be sure to check out the Clever Camper Cookbook by Megan Winter-Barker and Simon Fielding. They provide over 20 simple dishes to enjoy in the great outdoors, along with a shopping list for everything you will need and a key to cooking times.

The Library has so much more to offer. Come and see for yourself. Any of these titles ( and others you find in the catalogue) can be reserved via our website, using your library card, for easy pick up at the Library. It’s just that easy.

June 7, 2018

By Ruth Holtz

Digital and Information Services Librarian

Bracebridge Public Library



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