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Visiting the Bracebridge Public Library in person to choose books, magazines, CDs and DVDs on a regular basis is a routine activity for many people. But what happens when they can no longer get to the Library on their own?

Fortunately, the Bracebridge Public Library realizes just how important being able to access the Library is to people, especially those who are confined to home by circumstances or illness. This is why we have been offering the Visiting Library Service for many years.

The Visiting Library Service involves volunteers who are matched with library clients that they visit on a regular basis, delivering and returning materials chosen according to the client’s expressed interests. You can easily imagine how valuable this service is to those people who have had to give up their regular visits to the Library.

At the moment, this service is in need of more volunteers. Participating in the Visiting Library Service is extremely beneficial to and appreciated by our clients. It is equally rewarding for volunteers who have a chance to really make a difference in someone’s life.

If you would like to volunteer for this rewarding experience, please contact the Bracebridge Public Library (705-645-4171) and speak with Ruth. She will help you fill out the necessary forms and provide you with a letter to present to the OPP for cost-free screening.

If you could spare just a few hours every 3 weeks to volunteer for this service it would mean the world to someone who needs this help. We currently have a waiting list of clients so are in desperate need of volunteers.

August 3, 2017

By Ruth Holtz

Digital and Information Services Librarian

Bracebridge Public Library



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